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Quadra Rehab : Benefits
  • Improves Quality of Care
    • Efficient planning with accurate code and charge designation
    • Increases time spent with patients
    • Track & manage therapy hours
  • Ease of Use
    • Eliminates researching Codes, rates and schedules
    • Simple, easy menus and tutorials
    • Accessible from any internet connection
    • Wireless ready - work from your sofa to the local coffee shop
  • Reduces Paperwork
    • Improve moral and reduce stress by reducing mundane tasks
    • Allows clinicians more time with patients
    • Automates forms, billing and reporting
    • Central data base accessible from any internet connection
  • Reporting
    • Instant reports: electronically or in print
    • Prints to any printer with internet connection
    • Customized forms available
  • Financial
    • Improves Medicare reimbursement by accurately tracking of Medicare B patients' reimbursement caps
    • Faster and more accurate billing
    • Faster and more accurate controls over costs
  • Regulations
    • Accurate and up-to-date compliance with Codes, forms and reimbursement schedules
    • Single site for regulation information

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