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Quadra Rehab : Features
  • Internet based
    • fast,
    • easy to learn and implement
    • instant upgrades
    • not hardware dependent - just need Internet access
    • multiple access points & central database
    • no conflicts with your current system
  • schedules
    • patient and therapist scheduling
    • immediately integrates and uses the latest ICD-9 Codes, GPC conv.factors, HCFA, CPT, RVU & RUG Rates into the plans
    • multiple therapists and multiple facility scheduling
    • tracks the latest (2003) Medicare B Therapy Caps
  • provides complete billing data
    • prints logs with corresponding CPT codes
    • exportable to your existing billing system
    • exportable to third party billing systems
  • Reporting
    • automatically completes CMS forms 700, 701, 1450(UB-92), & 1500
    • capable of customized reports
    • performance reporting for management controls
  • print all schedules, forms, logs and bills on any printer with web connection
QuadraSys Scheduler
The QuadraSys Scheduler automates complex multi-resource scheduling with an easy to view color-coded appointment calendar. The planner provides a logical view into the staffing requirements of a Medical facility. The Appointment Minder recognizes visit types and restricted time slots and integrates into the Quadra Rehab product to efficiently match patient appointments with physicians, staff, nursing and activities based on clinical, payer and user-defined criteria.

The QuadraSys Scheduler tracks appointments, cancellations, and waiting lists. The Scheduler searches for available appointments based on multiple criteria. The Scheduler integrates with the Quadra Rehab clinical, financial calendar to facilitate patient and staff tracking.

QuadraSys Scheduler also can run separate from other Quadra-Systems products. The scheduler can also be used to schedule staffing across multiple facilities using color coded appointment times.
  • Includes views by day, week, month and appointment
  • Contains physician, patient, facility, plan and location parameters
  • Includes date, range, day and hour parameters
  • Fully integrates with Quadra Rehab
  • Maintains schedule lists by provider, location and plan
  • Includes color coded appointment slots
  • Allows restriction of time slots
  • Maintains treatment and equipment room schedules
  • Includes Holiday and Vacation schedules
  • Reschedules/cancels/deletes by patient or provider
  • Tracks cancellations and generates reports
  • Supports walk-in patients
  • Checks for conflicts for multiple resources
  • Co-Pay screen with running balance

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