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Quadra Rehab
Quadra Rehab is an internet based rehabilitation treatment planner providing Healthcare professionals with a tool to quickly and efficiently schedule therapy for Medicare patients, utilizing current Codes, reimbursement rates and cost factors to accurately track, record and bill for all allowable procedures.

Quadra Rehab and all Quadra System Products are resident and maintained on a large domestic data service center utilizing Supercomputers with the security controls, capacity and reliability one would expect in a State-of-the-Art facility. This facility has provided uninterrupted service for decades. All communications to and from this site are secured via the latest encryption methods and the security of all records, databases and files are guaranteed by Quadra Systems.

All Quadra System Products are HIPPA compliant, safeguarding patient's privacy from all unauthorized intrusions.

Quadra Rehab Reports - Medicare
  • Daily Record of Treatment - CPT Codes
  • Facility Billing Summary Medicare
  • CPT Code Billing Summary by Therapist
  • CPT Code Exception Report
  • HCFA UB-92 Subset Report
  • Daily Record of Treatment - CPT Codes
  • Therapy Labor Log
  • Therapist Labor Summary
  • Current Patient Summary by Discipline
  • Med A/B Planner by ICD-9 and CPT Code
  • Med B Planner by Patient
  • Progress/Treatment Notes
  • CMS 700/701 Reports
  • Therapist Performance Report
  • Interdisciplinary ICD-9 Caseload Mix Report
  • Total Production Caseload Mix Report

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